It is our vision at Buckley’s farm to produce a high quality genuine free range egg whilst providing an environment for our chickens that is as close to nature as possible and brings out their “chickeness”, that is they are free from cruelty and able to roam free whilst still protected from predators.

Our priority is directed to animal welfare, environmental sustainability and the production of a good old fashioned tasting free-range egg.    
  • Stocking Density of 160 chooks per hectare
  • Protected by portable electric fences and our maremas, Mo & Flo​ our chickens are safe from predators.
  • Cruelty free
  • No cages
  • Free to be chickens out in the wide open spaces
  • No de-beaking
  • Happy chickens
  • 100% vegetarian feed, that is we do not feed meat meal, they do however forrage for their own bugs
  • Natural eggs with no colouring or nasty additives
True Free Range Chickens
are free to explore
We are fully accredited with the Free Range Farmers Association and as a result we are held to the highest standards...

  • It is not permitted for hens to be de-beaked, beak trimmed or in any other way mutilated.
  • Hens are free to range, forage and dust bathe in a predator protected and sustainable vegetated farm environment during daylight hours.
  • Hens are protected from inclement weather with shedding which provides night time shelter, perches, feed, water and secluded comfortable egg layer boxes.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate to the independent third party inspector that they  practice genuine extensive Free Range Poultry farming to the highest standards of animal welfare, land sustainability and food integrity.

For further information see freerangefarmers.com.au 
We are members of the Victorian Farmers Market Association.

Again, to become members we were subject to rigorous assessment process that has been approved by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission).

For more information see vfma.org.au