About Us


Megan and Scott moved to Hilldene, just outside of Seymour one month before Maddy was born (July 2012).  Having always lived in the city, they had no idea what they were in for.

Megan has a background in digital multimedia, resouce planning, general office workings and driver training.

Scott's background was in mechanics, truck spare parts interpreting (Yes, it is a completely different language!) and driver training.  Scott also has four adult kids, Scotty, Nytarra, Tianna and Sarah, that we may or may not have used at one time or another as free labour.

Scott and Megan met in September 2009, married in May 2010 and have been on one crazy ride ever since, with plans to retire on a houseboat.



Megan, Scott and Maddy's other animals include, two turkeys (boy and a girl), 8 alpacas (two girls, six boys, 5 of which were rescued), two piggys (Pickles and Piggy, Piggy was from Edgars Mission), 14 sheep and two dogs (Crash and Smoosh, yes Maddy named the latter).  Soon Megan will convice Scott that Camels are awesome and they'll have pet camels.


When not collecting, cleaning, delivering eggs or working at their "paid" part time jobs, Megan and Scott enjoy hosting casual parties on the house deck with either woodfire pizza or a good old fashioned BBQ, accompanied by a good red.


  1. Scott Buckley
    Scott Buckley
  2. Megan Buckley
    Megan Buckley
    Owner, Manager
  3. Maddy Buckley
    Maddy Buckley
    Official Mascot